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  Why every workplace should have a Safe Haven (Safe Behavioral Health Space).  

An individual or group's productivity and performance is directly linked to their physical and mental wellbeing.

The world is undergoing massive change in the way business is managed and beyond.

Organizations who truly put their workers first, as so many companies claim to, can expand the list of options going forward. Careful choices will build rather than squander trust as more companies learn to listen to the behavioral needs of employees and share their concerns or risk falling backwards.

In this continuing recession and new world health environment, forward thinking companies are asking how can they make a workplace feel like a safe haven—a totally safe place in which people can be open about their fears, loneliness, stress, pressures they are trying to deal with?

Mental Health Options
Normally when someone is feeling “really overwhelmed” they may try calling a government mental health hotline or approach an in-house coach for assistance.

The unfortunate fact is, unless it’s life threatening, some government mental health hotlines might not be able to take a call straight away. While telephone health hotlines can be very helpful they are not face to face and people have complained they still feel a big sense of isolation.

Generic workplace coaches are trained to be goal and skill focused. Whereas, High Performance Behavioral Coaches (who provide a Safe Haven) are focused on the person's environment affecting their performance, happiness and well-being. Both work successfully together, however, the High Performance Behavioral Coach uses a brain-mind-body approach to address developmental needs whereas the generic coach must stay away from the mental / physical domains and the psychological change models they are not trained in.

What is High Performance Behavioral Coaching?
High Performance Behavioral Coaching falls under the umbrellas of behavioral health and performance enhancement. It provides unique insights into the brain-mind-body connection, brain plasticity, emotion, attention, peak performance and physical health.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching provides a positive alignment to an organization that delivers a sense of security and allows organizations to be more capable of dealing with change via growth and/or disruption.

The Safe Haven Behavioral Model
The world at the moment is experiencing an epidemic of loneliness and many people need a psychological anchor to find their bearing and position. The Safe Haven Behavioral Model provides a environment that is safe, non-judgmental and comforting.

The importance of having a safe haven.
A workplace safe haven is a place where people feel safe, secure and protected from outside dangers.

One or more qualified, performance behavioral coaches oversee the Safe Haven space and freely provide guidance and counsel on a private, one-to-one and group basis.  Workers report that it for helps restore hope, direction and confidence in both their working and home life. “The issues I had just evaporated because I felt like I was in a safe, supportive space,” is a typical report.

Safe Haven Sign at Entrance Door


Establishing Trust.

Case Example 1: A person working from their home may have a headache that won’t go away. They feel lost, isolated and reach-out to their performance behavioral coach via a videoconfernce call and ask if they can visit the safe haven/space at their head office for a day or two to center themselves.

Case Example 2: An office worker feels comfortable enough with their performance behavioral coach to confide that their poor performance is related to stress caused by falling behind in their home mortgage payments. The fact is the great majority of workers would not tell their boss about any personal issues/problems that are affecting their performance because they simply don’t trust them.

In large organizations a team of performance behavioral coaches (full or part-time) provide encouragement, positive advice and importantly make no judgment on their client’s behavior.

The responsibility for overseeing behavioral health and performance for most smaller businesses is typically outsourced to a certified behavioral practitioner (external accredited performance behavioral coach) rather than an extra member of staff.

As we go through our life we are fortunate to find people who make us want to better ourselves, who bring us a sense of safety, trust, guidance, comfort and protection. When we are working through a challenging time they are the ones you speak to. They are also still the ones you wish to speak with when everything is going great with your life because they were by your side to guide you to that safe harbour where you could freely find yourself and excel at what you do best.

A workplace safe haven is a space where people feel 100% safe and free to be themselves. They are encouraged by their performance behavioral coach towards what they can be with no limits or boundaries to what they can achieve. The performance behavioral coach is by their side in both the good times and tough times -empowering them to perform at the highest level, fulfil their potential and enhance their overall wellbeing and happiness.

The learning and development road is fast-tracked when you are in a safe haven. Life can be scary and when you get thrown a curve-ball and lose your way we are all thankful to have a trusted, qualified person in our workplace who can provide behavioral direction and support.


The Safe Haven Behavioral Coaching Model is about helping all individuals find their way along the right path of guidance and support they require.

The performance behavioral coach provides performance and behavioral health resources and uses neuro-behavioral tools that increase everyone’s emotional, physical and mental well-being.

When businesses are under pressure to perform in a recession, the standard process is to maximize workers and resources towards their highest-productivity purposes. However, organizations need to ensure they are providing the right behavioral and mindset supports to raise performance levels consistently and permanently. Productivity boosting behaviors is not about using outdated business training and executive or leadership coaching models. To perform at a consistent high level a person requires a holistic, brain-mind-body coaching approach using the latest neuro-behavioral growth and development models and techniques.

Performance behavioral coaching not only encompasses mental (mind) health but it takes a holistic, three tier, brain-mind-body approach. Yesterday’s missing corporate key for success was ensuring people were provided the brain-mind-body care and support they required to be their healthy (mentally and physically) best.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching ignites people’s well-being levels, creativity, intuition, IQ, EQ, smart decision making and output levels that transforms management and the workforce to drive consistent, high productive results and a happier, healthier environment.

High Performance Behavioral Coaching is a developmental program for all persons and not remedial focused. For example; it is used to ‘tune’ well-functioning brains to enhance a person’s mental abilities and allow them to perform at their peak.

Focus and emotional balance is the key to peak performance in all areas. Peak Performance occurs when a person is totally alert and focused while maintaining a relaxed physical body.

A person’s ability to focus and concentrate is hindered when stress and tension is carried in the body. Behavior Health Coaching increases resilience and an individual’s ability to deal with stress. It improves mental clarity, decision making capabilities and focus. Productivity, competency and efficiency are enhanced.

The pandemic recession is a game changer for workplace performance with Behavioral Performance Coaching Programs now recognized as the next-generation performance and well-being strategy.

Today, the exciting field of neuro-behavioral coaching provides us powerful, safe and easy-to-learn tools to generate changes in the brain-mind-body continuum that produces real, sustainable, measurable, positive physiological and mental changes. This “new alliance” between neuro-behavioral sciences and coaching places the Behavioral Coaching Institute’s students at the forefront in the world people development field by providing them with cutting-edge, proven, neuro-behavioral performance interventions, tools and accredited, internationally recognized credentials.


For over 25 years the Behavioral Coaching Institute has been the world leader in the development and delivery of workplace, behavioral and performance coach training courses. The Institute's unique, online, High Performance Behavioral Coach training Course teaches students to understand the connection of the brain mind and body and how to best help all people be more capable of dealing with change via growth and/or disruption.


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