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Definition: Coaching Technology (CT) is a scientific, systematic and systemic approach to the structure of coaching using a wide range of validated tools, techniques, interventions, protocols, templates and models that are drawn and developed from many disciplines and fields of learning such as the behavioral sciences. CT is the 'science of coaching'. The 'art of coaching' is achieved through systematic practice and mastery of the science -after completing personalized training in the selection and use of the technology and follow-on mentorship by an experienced practitioner, credentialed educator and scientist (clinical psychologist etc)

The Science of Coaching
To achieve successful change and/or learning, it is now evident that the mental/behavioral aspects which underlie a person's actions are the critically important elements which require assessing and management
. As professional coaches we are well aware that only validated behavioral tools and techniques can achieve genuine, sustainable, measurable results. Changing behavior with the right techniques and delivery mechanisms can have a dramatic, beneficial influence on human dynamics, the cultural and environmental context of an organization, and the output of the system - the organization's performance. However, changing behaviors is hard work and often frightening to those faced with changing a lifetime’s habits. Change of this type can strike at the core of personality and therefore identity. It is therefore imperative as responsible coaches that we understand how to professionally use the behavioral tools and techniques that relate to our specific niche area of practice or specialty. 

One of the reasons why behavioral techniques are employed by professional (full-time) coaching practitioners is that they allow for data to be gathered on specific, targeted behaviors impacting the application of a professional skill. By using appropriate validated, behavioral change instruments, these targeted behaviors can easily be measured and evaluated in a rigorous manner. Behavioral coaching, with its emphasis on research and evidence, provides individuals and organizations a validated and proven system that greatly increases their chances of effecting lasting behavioral change.

Coaching Tools -How to ensure you are always in possession
  of the latest coaching technology:
What you measure is what you stand for. What gets measured gets done. You can't change what you can't see.
We live in the age of assessment and diagnosis. From satellite imaging to the MRI to genetic mapping, diagnostic excellence drives individual, social and organizational progress. Today's coaching solutions must be rooted in cutting-edge coaching technology, hard facts, leadership science and proven best practices.

Good coaches know that valid, accurate behavioral information and insight are the building blocks of great decisions. The question isn't whether the right information and insight are essential. The question is how to get it.

The Behavioral Coaching Institute is internationally recognized as the leader in building the next generation of coaching models and diagnostic tools to help you generate the information and insight necessary for you and your clients/people to make great decisions and real progress. Whether the question is identifying and improving leaders, establishing personal and organizational alignment, understanding a team's performance, or enhancing executive skills, insight etc, -these behavioral models and tools provide the answers you need to drive exceptional performance.

Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching:
First and foremost we are a private educator but we are also: 
the world's leading developer and supplier of leading-edge, psychological-based coaching tools and techniques and spend over 50% of our revenues on research and development. (As a graduate coach, you have immediate access to the newest validated, behavioral-based learning and change materials and tools available.).-
.- The Behavioral Coaching Institute is also the leading consultant to Professional Associations and private and public learning institutions in the design and delivery of quality coaching professional development and accreditation programs to their members/students.

.-The Institute's Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching (CABC) evaluates the effectiveness of coaching interventions, tools, techniques and processes. It represents a "Center of Excellence" dedicated to data collection and objective research consulting. In addition, our Behavioral Laboratory conducts important research that serves to capture the issues, attitudes and best practices of coaching at work both from the practitioners' and clients' perspective. We provide our research and development resources to all of our corporate and private clients. The leading-edge research also strengthens the Institute's educational services by constantly updating our advanced Masters-Level course content. We also provide introductory-level coaching knowledge via our best-selling text books. These books enrich the knowledge base for the international coaching community in general. 

The Institute not only: a) develops cutting edge professional coaching tools, techniques and resources but also, b) conducts research which includes investigating the latest case studies; interviewing leading practitioners in their field as well as their clients to gain early insights; listening to the industry leaders in their field who have established coaching programs and; compiling and testing best practices, techniques, processes and practical models. This ongoing, intensive research, development and testing program allows us to continually update/upgrade our Master Coach Certification Program  -ensuring our worldwide graduates receive the best-of-the-best in world-standard professional coach education, follow-on support and resources.

Research and Development
We constantly refine our curriculum, models and tools so our graduates can stay way ahead of their competition.
We use an extremely rigorous scientific approach to research, develop, test and validate coaching principles, models, techniques and tools. To find the hard data studies we continually look at hundreds of research studies.

To ensure our graduates and their clients are using the latest, cutting edge 'coaching technology' (and be ahead of their field) we also provide an extensive Continuing Professional Development Program.  

    A coach's knowledge of quality, proven coaching processes and tools is
    critical to the success of any coaching outcome:

The Institute is the first coaching educator to provide (to qualified coaches) a world standard, validated, professional coaching tool package based on the behavioral sciences. These invaluable workplace tools are now included, at no extra cost, in our Master Coach Course. During the course you will also learn how to: 

  • use and select the right validated behavioral change instruments in your coaching practice

  • understand the principles of validity and reliability

  • determine which instruments you will and won't add to your own tool kit, and be taught

  • the uses, benefits and timing of various instruments.

Our select students are also provided and shown how to use actual check sheets, forms, and procedures developed over several years by some of the world’s the top coaching practitioners who work with us. Graduates can customize and re-brand these valuable tools, techniques and templates to build a solid structure for their own practice (external or in-house).  

      - BONUS: Some Assessment Tools / Questionnaires included in the Certified Master Coach course:
                       A Structured Interview - a comprehensive assessment for executive coaching
                       Leadership profile: self-awareness, interpersonal skills, thinking skills
                       A personality profile
                       A vision/mission profile
                       A work/life balance profile
                       A learning profile
                       A biographical profile
                       A values profile
                       A mini-360-degree competence profile
                       A job analysis profile
                       A work performance profile
                       A team member's profile
                       Assessing for change                       
                       A business owner's profile - work/life balance
                       A life balance profile
                       A self-assessment profile for the coach


Coaching Tools....measuring coaching results:


  There is an "accountability crisis" in coaching today. 


- Coaching may be the wave that carries the future of corporate training and development. But if that wave is ever to crest, corporations must be able to determine a financial return on their investment. Only if early adopters can truly demonstrate an ROI in dollar figures will coaching wash over corporate culture and change its landscape.

Coaching clients want to see a numerical scorecard - the measurable results that coaching has brought to their organization. Business and executive coaches today are now required to prove the measurable value and return on their client's investment in coaching. Gone are the days when coaches could not cost-justify their work and could talk only of their work producing "goal realization" and other vague descriptions of an amazing list of intangible benefits of coaching. By measuring carefully the results of coaching and tying coaching to the strategic metrics a company uses to measure its business success, a coach should be able to demonstrate the financial return on the coaching dollars spent. 

Clients are also better educated about coaching and not only require real, clear statistical evidence of the bottom-line value of the coaches work but they also require coaches to better justify the methodologies they employ. Traditionally, it has been difficult to demonstrate an increased value of a company's human capital. However, clients have increasingly become frustrated by the lack of rigorous methods employed by coaches for measuring the impact (the ROI - return on investment, the bottom-line increases in business activity, production and profitability) of their work. 

More and more HR, Learning and OD leaders are requesting proven processes to determine ROI. This is placing greater emphasis on learning from ROI evaluations and using the data to continuously improve how we design and deliver coaching programs. What is new, is that coaching initiatives are being held to the same standards as other business initiatives. It's becoming "Show me the monetary return or I'll close the door."

The Institute's Certified Master Coach course is the only international coach training program that provides personal instruction in how-to-use the necessary validated tools for obtaining and measuring lasting behavioral coaching outcomes and producing a ROI scorecard.

ROI (return-on-investment ) - Participants in the Master Coach course learn how to:
- calculate the (ROI),
- use various types of hard and soft data collection plans,
- convert data to monetary values and, 
- identify direct bottom-line program effects and flow-on intangible benefits etc..

Also note: Only validated, behavioral scientific models, accelerated behavioural change techniques, competencies and behaviours identified in robust studies by leading academics are ever mentioned or used in our courses. Other coach training courses may use other models or derivatives of: ‘NLP’, the GROW model, counselling or other well-intentioned approaches -however, what verifiable evidence is their model, practice and philosophy of coaching based? 


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