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"Today, the human side of business is more important than ever. Behavioral Change is the key element of personal and organizational success." -Dr. Perry Zeus (BCI's Chairman)





Text Book by Dr Perry Zeus

Board of Directors:
Chairman and Faculty Head: Dr Perry Zeus
Director of International Research:
Professor Motoaki Ibano. Ph.D. 
Director of Corporate Services: Donald Spencer
Director of International Programs:
Kathryn M. Jones, Ph.D.

Academic and Business Advisory Board: Chaired by Professor Vlatka Hlupic-Vidjak, Ph.D (see below).

Officers, Staff and Faculty:
North America Faculty: Dr Shayne Tracy
Europe Faculty Head:
 Dr Roger Peters
South American Faculty: Dr Bernardo Garcia
Asia Faculty:
Dr Ferdinand Sarfati
Distant Learning Faculty Head: Grant Peterson
Client Services Manager:
Micheal Dupree
Business Manager: Marcus Jordan 
Admissions Co
ordinator: Natalie Johnson
Research and Development and Publications Coordinator: Michelle Walker
Event Coordinator: Lisa Adams
Academic and Business Advisory Board: 
Chaired by -Professor Vlatka Hlupic-Vidjak, Ph.D.
Vlatka is a Professor and Director of the Centre for Business Information,
Organisation and Process Management at Westminster Universities Business
School, UK. She has published over 150 articles in journals, books and conference
proceedings mainly in the area of knowledge management, business process
change and business process modelling. Vlatka is also a guest editor and a
member of Editorial Boards for a number of international journals.

Board's Mission:
   -To help the Institute's Faculty Staff keep abreast of all scientific development and
    industry best-practice the International Academic and Business Board Business
    Board was formed. 
   -The Board is comprised of some of the world's pre-eminent thought leaders and
    influential figures in modern business.
   -The role of the board is to: 
            -Highlight new thinking, processes, technology and methodology that the
             CMC Course should consider
Advise on the overall integrity and value of what the CMC Course provides

    Panel members include:
Mahesh Deshmukh. Ph.D.
      - is
cited in the Who’s Who for his achievements in applied psychology and
        obtaining India's first Ph.D in executive coaching.
Ferdinand Sarfati. Ph.D.
      - former GM of Johnson & Johnson, Asia and
past president of Philippine Council
       of Management.
  Shayne Tracy. Ph.D.
is a former educational board administrator. He has over 25 years experience
         in human resources, human capital assessment and performance management

   The Institute's Founding Director of Education:
  Suzanne Skiffington Ph.D. (1998-2007)


  (BCI) -The transfer of knowledge, of the highest standard, is the mission of the Behavioral Coaching Institute: 
As the word Institute in our name implies, BCI is committed to the function of providing fundamental and advanced knowledge transfer to organizations and practitioners in the field about the use of evidence-based, behavior-based coaching (the twenty-first century tool for change and learning). BCI is a global, private, educational institution devoted to organizational coaching research, development and training. The Institute accomplishes its mission through innovative applications of the behavioral sciences to the challenges facing organizations today and tomorrow.

For over a fifteen years our mission has been to advance the understanding, practice and development of coaching for the overall benefit of society worldwide.

Showing key people throughout the organization how to continue to develop personally and professionally is where our education can provide the most value. In designing and delivering custom programs, we put our students first - life-long learning, flexibility, attention to detail, and commitment to teaching are the foundation of our corporate partnerships.

BCI not only: a) develops cutting edge professional behavioral change methodology, coaching tools, techniques and resources but also, b) conducts research which includes investigating the latest case studies; interviewing leading practitioners in their field as well as their clients to gain early insights; listening to the industry leaders in their field who have established coaching programs and; compiling and testing best practices, techniques, processes and practical models. This ongoing, intensive research, development and testing program allows BCI to significantly update/upgrade our renowned Certified Master Coach® Certification Courses every month -ensuring our worldwide graduates receive the best-of-the-best in world-standard professional coach education, follow-on support and resources. 


Behavioral Research

The Institute’s Research Initiatives:

Behavioral Research Laboratory
The Institute is currently engaged in research to develop data, knowledge and expertise in several coaching practice areas. Our research includes investigating the latest case studies; interviewing leading practitioners in their field as well as their clients to gain early insights; listening to the thought leaders in their specialist area; compiling and testing best practices, techniques, processes and practical models. The research not also advances the quality of our own programs but also the work of our Partner and Client Support Program.   

BCI's Behavioral Research Laboratory is available to support the faculty and their students to conduct state-of-the-art research on issues that affect human and/or organizational performance, change and learning (coaching at work). Research findings are also published in BCI's publications via McGraw-Hill Education (New York, London and Sydney).

   's - International Coach Training School:  

- The Graduate School of Master Coaches (a private learning institution, open to qualified persons only) is a specialist private school of the Behavioral Coaching Institute. Dr. Perry Zeus, as the Institute's Chairman, personally oversees the deliver of customized, 'world-best standard' coach training courses around the world to selected individual and organizational clients. Since 1996, the Institute's Professional Coach Training School has certified over 1,600 specialist professionals from over 60 countries.

's Center for Applied Behavioral Coaching:
 (CABC -a non-for-profit research organization) -The Center's international team of leading coaching educators and practitioners are engaged in ongoing research and development in a range of behavioral change coaching practices and processes.

's - Graduate/Partner Support:
The Behavioral Research Laboratory
is part of
CABC. The Laboratory (see below page for more details) supports the faculty by conducting state-of-the-art research on issues that affect human and/or organizational performance, change and learning. Research findings are also published in our publications.

             "BCI has established itself as a trusted knowledge broker to its members, and done what few
              have ever been able to accomplish: integrate behavioral science with principles of leadership,
              management and organizational development into practical, proven coaching models." -
HR Monthly

World-Class Reputation:
Our elite courses receive excellent reviews and are continuously updated in response to client needs, world best practice and the latest organizational thinking. The programs have evolved over twenty years to ensure they adhere to the Institute's philosophy of providing customized, flexible learning solutions that work. 

For more than a decade our Coach Training School has set the standard for training organizational coaches.  

The core content of our training is based upon research, development and field-testing over 20 years by Zeus and Skiffington
who are recognized internationally one of the world's leading authorities on behavioral change coaching

Clarity. Accelerated, shorter learning. World best standard. Practical application. Industry focus. Industry
    recognized certification.
It all adds up to one thing: success.

Graduate Support:
Our list of international, success-oriented clients include many of the world's companies.
Many of our clients also choose BCI as an educational partner due to our strong commitment to: 1) emphasize the "sustainable" and "measurable" aspects of coach training, 2) vigorously pursue research and development in established and new behavioral change coaching techniques and processes, 3) source (globally), analyze and provide case study and statistical outcome reports and, 4) provide follow-on support beyond completion of our training programs.

BCI's organizational clients are leading corporations, ranging from large multinationals, government departments and public organizations to emerging entrepreneurial businesses, learning institutions, and smaller companies. Our private, individual clients work in a wide range of specialist fields such as:
  - Executive Development
  - HR
  - Sales Coaching
  - Health
  - Team Coaching
  - Wellness /  Personal Development. Read more>>

       To continue to provide global leadership in the successful migration of new organizational coaching
           initiatives into practice, BCI licenses specific coaching courses to organizations that we call 'Regional
-see: 'Partners'




Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California .

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