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  "World's Leading Developer of Coaching Technology"

"The Behavioral Coaching Institute is the world's 
   leading producer of workplace coaching
   knowledge and practices
... -HR Monthly

 "The Institute is indisputably at the forefront of professional
   coach training worldwide."
-ICAA -Centre for International Education


   Industry-recognized Certification...
   - for new or established professional coaches or people developers
     in private practice or inside organizations..

 The Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches. 
- conducts off or on-site, the elite 4 Day Certified Master Coach
        (Executive / Business Coach Training Courses) around the world
        eg; USA, UK / Europe, Asia - Singapore, Thailand, China etc







-Learn with International Experts:
The Institute researches, develops and supplies 'world-best' standard coaching technology with a behavioral-science foundation -such as: proprietary leading-edge coaching models and tools and practice support for professional or entry level business and executive coaches. The advanced knowledge and skills is disseminated via our Coach Training School (the Graduate School of Master Coaches) -which is recognized as the world's premier coach training institution.

The Institute's School's expert faculty members are acknowledged authorities in workplace coaching methodology and best practices.  The Institute's trains coaches to achieve personal mastery as well as obtain formal professional credentials.

Over the last fifteen years BCI has also worked with hundreds of organizations worldwide in assisting them to establish a solid methodological, accountable foundation to their coaching initiatives.

           Professional or Entry level Business and Executive Coaches:
     For over a decade, the Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches expert Faculty have provided busy professionals a fast-tracked course for obtaining the formal coaching structure and processes they specifically require for their in-house or external coaching practice. This elite, 4 Day (ICC Accredited) Certified Master Coach Course and follow-on support/development program is for individuals who wish to practice 'world-best' standard professional coaching (corporate, executive, small business, government, not-for-profit etc) and learn how to establish a successful coaching career via a Very Small Group course format (delivered at one of our international campuses).
            Organizations -Corporate Education & Consulting
Leadership development and human resources professionals etc - who require: 
  • a standardized, accountable coaching practice platform and scientifically valid/reliable methodology -and/or
  • world-best-standard credentials/training/certification for their coaching program managers and coaches and/or,
  • professional, expert support in designing and building successful coaching programs that are generating best results according to industry standards or,
  • to better understand professional coaching and the benefits that would follow from obtaining validated coaching practices and how they can apply them into a successful coaching program.   
  • -And organizations who require a tailored, in-house course/response to their management group's coaching
     needs... -more details 
  BCI is a learning partner with many of the world's leading companies in the development
   of their
internal coaching programs:

For more than a decade, BCI has been globally recognized as an innovator and valued partner in consulting with many of
the world's leading companies and the public service sector on people development. This legacy of success frames our instructional and consultative approach to coaching from both the individual and organizational levels. We use our deep knowledge and experience to help you build –based on your company’s vision, strategies, corporate culture, and existing talent development programs –the right coaching initiatives for your organization.

BCI's Corporate Services include:

          Coaching Program Design
          Executive Coaching -Global Coach Network
          Internal Coach Training
          Coach Management Training and Consulting

BCI understands the importance you place on results – in improving performance, developing leaders, building bench strength, and changing behaviors!   You’ll benefit from:

  • Our industry-leading position as a knowledge maker and supplier of people development
    models and tools required for superior positional and corporate performance
  • Our world-best coaching technologies
  • Our global network of seasoned, business-focused coaches

                   If your coaching solution needs to be superior in design and performance,
                  BCI Global is ready to be your partner.


- for qualified persons or organizations interested in licensing the Institute's level one business and executive coach training courses in their region -see: 'Licensing' 

Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.

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